How to Override an Odoo Widget

Odoo has many widgets that ready to use, such as many2many_tags, image, html, handle etc. How to use those widgets are relatively easy. But of all the widgets that Odoo has, I think the many2many_tags widget is kinda weird. Why ? Because it can’t be clicked. I mean if I click on that widget, I ….  Read More

How to Add a New Artisan Command in Laravel

When working with the Laravel framework, of course we are familiar with the php artisan command. Without this command working with Laravel would not be as easy as now. If you don’t know, we can add our own custom commands to artisan command. If you like to work automatically and like to work with the ….  Read More

How to Configure the Print Button Access Right in Odoo

Based on my experience as an odoo programmer so far, many client requests are related to access rights. For example, user A can perform X action while user B can’t, including print button access right. This is the reason why I create this print button access right module. Odoo itself has many reports, almost every ….  Read More

How to Configure the Menu Item in Odoo

Menu item is an odoo’s view in the form of buttons, icons, links, dropdowns etc. Which if we click it we will be redirected to another page or form. This is an example of a menu item on the odoo home page. Where is the Menu Item Stored ? Menu items are stored in the ….  Read More

How to Solve the “ProgrammingError: column does not exist” Error in Odoo

As an odoo programmer, in the middle of a module or addon development, have you ever experienced something unpleasant, like after you refreshed the browser, suddenly an Internal Server Error message appears as below ? After we check in the terminal or log file, it turns out that there is a ProgrammingError: column res_partner.max_order_item does ….  Read More

What is External ID in Odoo ?

When you work with odoo, have you ever had any questions about what is an External ID ? Like when you are going to export some data, for example the customer as shown below ? Or when you edit a form. What exactly is an External ID ? And what does it do ? Basically ….  Read More

How to Give a Customer Portal Access in Odoo

Odoo has a customer portal module, with this module, our customers can log in to our odoo website and view their transactions. In the customer portal, customers can view their unprocessed sale orders, completed delivery orders, unpaid invoices and other information. Customers can also download their transaction documents such as invoices, and communicate with us ….  Read More

How to Use a Transient Model in Odoo

Transient model is a model in odoo where its data will be deleted periodically. Since the data will always be deleted, of course it is not recommended to use this model to store the real data. Usually, this model is used as a wizard or as a connector between several models, for example to show ….  Read More

How to Use System Parameter to Store the Application Configuration in Odoo

System parameter in odoo is a model with a key value pair format that is used to store the application configuration. System parameter are only used to store the configuration, the real implementation must be manually programmed in each model as needed. The model of the system parameter is a ir.config_parameter. System parameter are usually ….  Read More

How to Use Onchange and Compute in Odoo

In odoo there are 2 ways of how to calculate the value of a field automatically. We can use the onchange decorator or the compute field parameter. Use the onchange decorator if we want the value of some field change automatically when the value of another field is changed by the user. For example, let’s ….  Read More