How to Use the Action Window in Odoo v15

ir.actions.act_window is the most used action when we create an applications in the Odoo ecosystem. If we call this action, Odoo will render the view of the model, so the user can perform some CRUD operations on the model. The interesting part is, we don’t need to create a route, a controller, or the javascript ….  Read More

The Dilemma of Becoming an Odoo Developer

Hello, in this article I will write my opinion about the “Dilemma of Becoming an Odoo Developer”. Please remember, that this article is a personal opinion based on my experience for more than 4 years as an Odoo developer, you don’t have to agree with my opinion. This article also does not intend to speak ….  Read More

How to Use the safe_eval Module in Odoo

If you read the odoo’s source code, sometimes you will find some codes that use safe_eval module. Have you wonder, what is safe_eval ? And usually used for what ? If we read the odoo’s source code, actually, safe_eval is just an implementation of python’s built-in eval function/module. Of course with some modifications. If you ….  Read More

A Library for Backup and Restore Big Odoo Database

In my previous article I have discussed how to backup and restore a large odoo database, by modifying the odoo controller. After some time using this method in several projects, it turns out that this method has weaknesses. Sometimes the backup file cannot be restored. The backup file seems to be corrupt, so it failed ….  Read More