Month: January 2021

How to Create an Excel Report File in Odoo

To create reports in PDF or HTML file odoo has provided its own model, namely With this model, we can create PDF and HTML reports quite easily, without having to think about how to retrieve data from the database or how to download the reports. Unfortunately, to create reports in an excel file, we ….  Read More

How to Call Odoo API with PHP

Odoo has provided an API that can be accessed from outside of the odoo application for all model by default. So if we want to link our odoo application with other application we don’t need to create our own API. Just call the API that has been provided by odoo. In this tutorial, I will ….  Read More

How to Write Odoo Domain in Easy Way

In odoo, domain is a list that contains certain expressions that are used to filter some data from the database. Domain will be translated by odoo into an SQL expression to fill the where clause. For example, if we have a domain like this. The domain above if applied to the sale.order model will produce ….  Read More

How to Use Odoo’s Context Like a Pro

Context in odoo ecosystem is a python dictionary which is usually used as a marker to turn a feature off or on. With a context we can set a model to have different features if opened from different menus. For example, let’s say we have a master product like the picture below. Pay attention to ….  Read More

How to Override an Odoo Widget

Odoo has many widgets that ready to use, such as many2many_tags, image, html, handle etc. How to use those widgets are relatively easy. But of all the widgets that Odoo has, I think the many2many_tags widget is kinda weird. Why ? Because it can’t be clicked. I mean if I click on that widget, I ….  Read More

How to Add a New Artisan Command in Laravel

When working with the Laravel framework, of course we are familiar with the php artisan command. Without this command working with Laravel would not be as easy as now. If you don’t know, we can add our own custom commands to artisan command. If you like to work automatically and like to work with the ….  Read More

How to Configure the Print Button Access Right in Odoo

Based on my experience as an odoo programmer so far, many client requests are related to access rights. For example, user A can perform X action while user B can’t, including print button access right. This is the reason why I create this print button access right module. Odoo itself has many reports, almost every ….  Read More

How to Configure the Menu Item in Odoo

Menu item is an odoo’s view in the form of buttons, icons, links, dropdowns etc. Which if we click it we will be redirected to another page or form. This is an example of a menu item on the odoo home page. Where is the Menu Item Stored ? Menu items are stored in the ….  Read More

How to Solve the “ProgrammingError: column does not exist” Error in Odoo

As an odoo programmer, in the middle of a module or addon development, have you ever experienced something unpleasant, like after you refreshed the browser, suddenly an Internal Server Error message appears as below ? After we check in the terminal or log file, it turns out that there is a ProgrammingError: column res_partner.max_order_item does ….  Read More