Month: December 2020

How to Use a Transient Model in Odoo

Transient model is a model in odoo where its data will be deleted periodically. Since the data will always be deleted, of course it is not recommended to use this model to store the real data. Usually, this model is used as a wizard or as a connector between several models, for example to show ….  Read More

How to Use System Parameter to Store the Application Configuration in Odoo

System parameter in odoo is a model with a key value pair format that is used to store the application configuration. System parameter are only used to store the configuration, the real implementation must be manually programmed in each model as needed. The model of the system parameter is a ir.config_parameter. System parameter are usually ….  Read More

How to Use Onchange and Compute in Odoo

In odoo there are 2 ways of how to calculate the value of a field automatically. We can use the onchange decorator or the compute field parameter. Use the onchange decorator if we want the value of some field change automatically when the value of another field is changed by the user. For example, let’s ….  Read More

How to Set Up a Sequence or Document Number in Odoo

Each transaction, it can be a Sales Order, a Purchase or an Invoice, usually has a unique document number to distinguish one document from another. In odoo the document numbering is very easy. We can adjust the document numbering format through the Settings > Technical > Sequences & Identifiers > Sequences menu, then find the ….  Read More

Understanding Large Framework Source Code Better With GREP

grep is a tool to find text in files. For example, if we have 1000 files, if we want to know what files that contain the word of “indonesia”, using grep we can find it easily. grep is a tool that runs via the command line or terminal. Usually grep is among the default application ….  Read More

How to Create an Action Server in Odoo

Action Server or more precisely ir.actions.server is an action in odoo which allows us to call python code from the user interface. Actually Action Server has many options, but I think the most useful option in real life is the Execute Python Code. This option has functionality similar to a button with an object type ….  Read More

How to Create Scheduled Actions in Odoo

Scheduled Actions or commonly known as Cron Job is an action that will run automatically at a certain time, it could be every few minutes, every few hours, or every few days. Usually Scheduled Actions are used for work that is executed routinely but does not require user action, for example for creating a report ….  Read More

How to Run a Raw Query in Odoo

Odoo already has an ORM (object relational mapping) which is quite easy to use. By using an ORM we can manipulate data in the database easily. Unfortunately ORM in all frameworks, including odoo, has a weakness, which is slow. Using ORM to manipulate large data in one process, for example when creating a report, sometimes ….  Read More

How to Send an Email in Odoo

Email is a cheap option if we want to send notification to customer, compared to sms or whatsapp. With email we can also make a more attractive design and a longer message. So we can have more freedom in making message. Before sending an email to customer, we must set up the Outgoing Email Server. ….  Read More

How I Backup and Restore Large Database on Odoo

Odoo has a fairly easy to use database backup and restore functionality. Previously I had no problem with the database backup and restore job. Before this come. A project with a very large database with size more than 3 GB, and still growing. Last time I check the database size is over 6 GB. I ….  Read More