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How to Show Odoo’s Chatter in a Modal

In my previous article, I wrote that if we use the oe_chatter class chatter will not appear if opened from a modal. After I looked in more detail, it turned out that why odoo doing it was on purpose. In odoo 12 if the chatter is opened from a modal, the chatter will be hidden ….  Read More

How to Override an Odoo Widget

Odoo has many widgets that ready to use, such as many2many_tags, image, html, handle etc. How to use those widgets are relatively easy. But of all the widgets that Odoo has, I think the many2many_tags widget is kinda weird. Why ? Because it can’t be clicked. I mean if I click on that widget, I ….  Read More

Understanding Large Framework Source Code Better With GREP

grep is a tool to find text in files. For example, if we have 1000 files, if we want to know what files that contain the word of “indonesia”, using grep we can find it easily. grep is a tool that runs via the command line or terminal. Usually grep is among the default application ….  Read More