How to Configure the Menu Item in Odoo

Menu item is an odoo’s view in the form of buttons, icons, links, dropdowns etc. Which if we click it we will be redirected to another page or form. This is an example of a menu item on the odoo home page.

Where is the Menu Item Stored ?

Menu items are stored in the model, in the database you can access them via the ir_ui_menu table. To configure the menu items in odoo, we must sign in as administrator then enter the debug mode, then click the Settings >> Technical >> User Interface >> Menu Items menu.

The image above is an example of a list of menu items in odoo. Pay attention to the Discuss menu, if there is no “/” sign, it means that this menu appears on the odoo home page, and usually has an icon. If it has a “/” sign, it means that this menu is a child of another menu. For example the Warehouse Management menu which can be accessed via the Inventory >> Configuration menu.

Changing the Menu Name

To change the menu’s name, just edit it in the Name section, for example in the image below I changed the Discus menu to Chatting.

After we refresh the browser, the name of Discuss menu will change to something like this.

Deleting the Menu

Below is the default appearance of the Sales menu.

We can delete the unwanted menus. For example, because we can access the Product form from the Inventory menu, as a case study, let’s delete the Products menu from the Sales menu. Enter to the Menu Items list again, search with the “products” keyword. There are 2 Products menu which is a child from the Sales menu. Delete both menus.

Now the Products menu is no longer visible in the Sales menu.

Changing the Menu Order

To change the order of a menu, we can change the value of the Sequence field, for example if we change the Sales / Reporting menu sequence from 5 to 1, this menu will appear first or to the far left.

The first submenu action of the Sales / Reporting menu is also automatically called by odoo. So if we open the Sales menu from odoo’s home page, the Sales Analysis menu will appear.

Changing the Menu Layout

When we change the sequence of a menu item, the menu’s position will change and shift other menu items that have the same parent. Meanwhile, if we change the parent, the menu will move to a completely different position. For example, if we delete the parent from the Sales Quotation menu like this.

The menu will move to the odoo home page as shown below.

So if you want to change the layout of a menu that doesn’t just change the order, change its parent. Delete the parent if you want to move the menu to the odoo home page, or choose another menu from the dropdown if you want the current menu to be a child or submenu of another menu item.

Changing the Menu Icon

To change the menu icon, simply change the Web Icon Image field. If the menu does not have an icon before, there will be an Upload Your File button as shown below.

But if there is already an icon before, click the pencil button as shown below.

Refresh the browser, you will see the changes.

You need to know that a menu icon will only appear if the menu has no parent, or only appears if the menu is on the odoo home page.

Changing the Menu Access Rights

We can also change the permissions of a menu item by changing it on the Access Right tab as shown below.

In the picture above, I changed the access rights of the Quotation menu to Administration / Settings. So only users who have that access rights can open the Quotaiton menu.

You need to remember that when you change the menu access rights, these permissions only have an effect on menu item, they do not affect the Model permissions. So if you change the access rights of the Quotation or Sale menu to the Purchase user while the user does not have access rights to the Sales model, then an error will occur.

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