How to Give a Customer Portal Access in Odoo

Odoo has a customer portal module, with this module, our customers can log in to our odoo website and view their transactions. In the customer portal, customers can view their unprocessed sale orders, completed delivery orders, unpaid invoices and other information. Customers can also download their transaction documents such as invoices, and communicate with us by send a message.

By giving a customer portal access to our customers, I believe it can increase the trust in the services or products that we sell. Because there is transparency in the process of completing of customer’s transaction.

Before giving customer portal access to our customers, make sure that our odoo server can be accessed via the internet and make sure that we have a web domain. If our customers don’t mind to remember our server IP, which is usually not a pretty number, we can not have a web domain or website address. But I believe they will make a complain if we not have a web domain. Next, in debug mode, make sure that the portal module is installed.

Then configure the Outgoing Email Servers on the Settings >> Technical >> Email >> Outgoing Email Servers menu. Outgoing Email Servers is the email address which will be used by odoo to send messages to our customers. For example, to invite them to log in to the customer portal page.

The image above is an example of how to configure the Outgoing Email Server using gmail. If you are using gmail make sure you have created the App Password. Then Click the Test Connection button and make sure there are no errors.

Enter to the Settings >> Technical >> Parameters >> System Parameters menu, then take a look at the parameter with the key of web.base.url. Add our odoo web domain, like below.

To give a customer portal access to existing customers, open the master customer form and make sure that their email is filled. Then click the Action button and select the Grant Portal Access.

Then a new window will appear. In that window, make sure that the In Portal check box is checked. Then click the Apply button.

Then the customer will get an email like below.

If the customer clicks the link on that email, the customer will be redirected to our odoo website and will be asked to fill their customer portal password like below.

Then the customer can log in to their customer portal page. This is some information that customer can see in the odoo 13 customer portal page.

Customer portal home page, with the count of Sales Order and Invoice.
Sales order details with information of delivery orders that have been completed, delivery orders that are still in preparation and invoices that have not been paid.
Paid invoices with payment date information and a chat features.

After we give customer portal access to our customers, odoo will create a new user with the Portal type. To see the list of customer portal users, enter to the Settings >> User & Companies >> User menu, then remove the Internal User filter.

Besides being able to give the customer portal access manually, we can also configure that the customers can register by themself. Enter to the Settings menu, then on the General Settings make sure that the Free Sign Up radio button on the Customer Account block has been checked then click Save.

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